Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emmy Rossum

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Natalie Portman

Victoria’s Secret Models


12 responses

3 08 2017
brandon king

well you look up girls in diapers and copy the pitcher that you want then you post it then send the pitcher

3 08 2017
brandon king

okay you are them man for it bro

3 08 2017
brandon king

wow i know that all the young teens love diapers and they should be in there diapers 247 day and night time

9 01 2016

Can you make me a picture of Annasophia Robb in pampers Diaper? Also one with Thora Birch in a diaper, Chloe Moretz Grace in a diaper and Abigail Breslin. I want to see what it would look like.

1 05 2012
Daniel Kalepp

Can’t get much hoter than this keep up the good work

28 01 2012
25 09 2011

Can you please DDNIXX make more, i havent seen any in the past years, could you make more of emma watson or selena gomez, please? Or just make tons of more pasties.

20 04 2011

Emma Watson is absolutely gorgeous, in diapers or not! I would give my life to have her talent, beauty, & ability to wear Pampers at such a ripe age. You go, Emma!

10 03 2010

O God…theyre hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 03 2010

Let me know what you think of the pix.

26 07 2014

please show me how to paste diapers on celebrities.

27 10 2016

Show me too… I want to know how it is done.

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